Home Style Blackout Tattoos: The Latest Trend in Body Art

Blackout Tattoos: The Latest Trend in Body Art

by Joseph
Blackout Tattoos

Blackout Tattoos

The latest craze in tattoos is a step beyond the pale even for people who are used to full-arm sleeves and other serious tattoo indicators, all of which now look pretty softcore compared to blackout tattoos. And now this new trend is gaining traction in the mainstream media, surely to the shock and horror of skittish parents everywhere.

Blackout tattoos, as their name implies, seek to completely black out an area (or areas) of a person’s skin, as seen in the photo up at the top. The process was originally developed as a way to cover over unwanted tattoos, but eventually people started having it done for its own aesthetic sake.

You can read a bit more about blackout tattoos at Complex right here, and if the trend takes off you can expect to see a lot more of it on Instagram and out in the real world in the next couple years.

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