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‘Blackhat’: New Director’s Cut Premiering Next Week

by Joseph


Unless you’re among a depressingly slim group of moviegoers, you shrugged off Michael Mann‘s Blackhat when it premiered early last year. But now a new version of that under-appreciated film is premiering in New York for a whole new generation of audiences to shrug at — one that’s been recut by director Michael Mann.

No one knows yet what the differences will be between the old and new versions of Blackhat, or how radical Mann’s new director’s cut may be. But those lucky enough to be able to attend the screening at BAM in Brooklyn on February 10th will be able to find out for themselves, provided some evil hacker doesn’t shut it down remotely.

You can check out the event page for the new director’s cut of Blackhat at the official BAM site here, and hopefully more information on a wider release for this version of the movie will be available soon.


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