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‘Blackhat’ Director’s Cut to Premiere on FX Tonight

by Joseph
Blackhat director's cut

Blackhat director's cut

RED ALERT, RED ALERT: I know it sounds odd, but tonight at 7 PM ET you will actually have a reason to watch a movie on FX, commercial interruptions and all. That’s because for some strange reason, Michael Mann‘s Blackhat director’s cut is having its broadcast premiere on FX tonight at 7 PM.

If you missed Blackhat the first time around, you’re not alone, since the movie was a box office disappointment despite its wealth of entertainment value and signature Mann style. This will be your first chance to see the Blackhat director’s cut unless you were at the Brooklyn Academy of Music screening of it back in February of last year.

The differences between Blackhat and the Blackhat director’s cut are reportedly minor, but for fans the chance to see what was previously thought to be only available for a single New York screening is worth sitting through an hour’s worth of commercials. If that includes you, it’s time to set that DVR or bribe your nearest cable-having neighbor for a chance to watch it.


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