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‘Black Panther’ Xbox One X from Marvel and Microsoft

by Joseph
Black Panther Xbox One X

Black Panther Xbox One X

I only saw Black Panther once, but I don’t remember seeing any Best Buys in Wakanda. Yet apparently they have some electronics stores there, judging by the Black Panther Xbox One X, a highly limited edition console from Marvel and Microsoft.

How limited? There are purportedly only five Black Panther Xbox One X consoles in existence, and they’re subject to a new giveaway promotion in which you can win one of the consoles as well as a copy of the movie. I’d make a joke about the thing being made out of vibranium, but the official Xbox Twitter account beat me to it:

As the tweet says, you can enter to win a special Black Panther Xbox One X console right here, provided you don’t mind entering in some personal info to complete the entry process. Then you can go back as often as once a day until May 29th to maximize your chances.


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