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‘Black Panther’ Poster Unveiled by Marvel

by Joseph
Black Panther poster

Black Panther poster

We live in a world of constantly escalating film promotion, and the latest example can be found in today’s Black Panther blitz from Marvel. The film’s first teaser trailer will premiere tonight during game 4 of the NBA Finals, but before that Marvel has also unveiled a new Black Panther poster to tide you over.

The official Black Panther poster shows King T’Challa seated in comfortable and regal power on his throne as King of the African nation of Wakanda. He’s not wearing his Black Panther mask, and there’s some Wakandan lettering etched on the throne, which I’m sure some nerds out there will find a way to translate before too long. The poster was unveiled via the official Marvel Twitter account, and you can read the tweet in question below:

Catch the trailer for Black Panther tonight if you’re so inclined, and in the meantime you can check out the movie’s official site here.


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