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‘Black Panther’: New Trailer and Poster (Video)

by Joseph
Black Panther

Black Panther

It’s taken far too long for the African nation of Wakanda to get its Marvel Cinematic Universe entry, but even though we have to wait until early next year to see it, Black Panther is still better late than never. A very cool new trailer and poster for the movie recently hit the internet and would seem to confirm that general sense of optimism.

One thing the new trailer for Black Panther makes me wonder is if Gil Scott-Heron ever dreamed that his voice would one day be used to advertise a comic book superhero movie while he was alive. Whether he did or not, that strange event has now come to pass, as you can see (and hear) in the trailer. Then there’s the new poster for the movie, recently released via star Chadwick Boseman’s Twitter account:

Check out the trailer for Black Panther below. And the film itself comes out on February 16th, 2018.

Visit the film’s official site here.

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