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Black Insomnia: The World’s Strongest Coffee

by Joseph
Black Insomnia

Black Insomnia

How tough am I? I’m so tough that my preferred brand of coffee has the word “insomnia” right in the name. OK, so I’m not actually that tough, but someone must be, since Black Insomnia, purported to be the strongest coffee in the world, is now available for sale.

Black Insomnia coffee is “CERTIFIED BY INDEPENDENT LAB RESULTS to contain 702mg of Caffeine per 12Fl Oz cup,” which gives it (and you) a powerful enough jolt that might really keep you up all night. It’s sourced from specially selected Brazilian, Guatemalan, Ecuadorian and Rwandan beans, and it’s said to have a “sweet and nutty” flavor that doesn’t require any sugar to taste.

If you’re ready to explore the world of impromptu all-night movie marathons and finishing books at 5 in the morning, stay tuned to Black Insomnia’s Amazon listing here, where you can be notified as soon as it’s back in stock—this stuff must be more popular than they expected it to be.


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