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Black Insomnia Black Hydro: Caffeine-Infused Mineral Water

by Joseph
Black Insomnia Black Hydro

Black Insomnia Black Hydro

Not everybody likes to down coffee after a workout, even it’s of the iced variety. Energy drinks carry their own baggage, too but the people at Black Insomnia coffee have come up with a caffeine-infused mineral water designed to replenish electrolytes and give you a much-needed jolt of their infamous caffeine at the same time. It’s called Black Insomnia Black Hydro.

The idea behind Black Insomnia Black Hydro is simple – you chug it after a sweaty workout, then you “receive the most refreshing caffeinated kick in the face you’ve ever experienced.” Every 500ml bottle is loaded with 100mg of caffeine, so that quotation probably isn’t just marketing hype.

You can find out whether it is or isn’t for yourself by purchasing a 12-pack of Black Insomnia Black Hydro from the Black Insomnia Coffee online store right here, where 12-packs are priced at just a little bit under $25 a caffeinated pop.

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