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Black Doritos: Another Japanese Delicacy

by Joseph
Black Doritos

Black Doritos

Last night at the debate, I watched Donald Trump repeatedly state that other countries like Japan are leading the United States in practically every field imaginable. He did not mention unnaturally black foodstuffs specifically, but from where I sit it seems clear that there is a real black food gap between the United States and Japan: And the latest victory for Japan in this arena are black Doritos.

Black Doritos are garlic-flavored Doritos with the kind of dark hue that might please Darth Vader or the members of Spinal Tap. They’re intended as a seasonal Halloween tie-in, with a bat and Gothic haunted house graphic on the front of the bag, and (so I hear), an extra scary surprise coming for people who eat them courtesy of that black food dye.

Like many of the best novelty snacks these days, you’ll have to be in Japan to get a hold of these special edition black Doritos any time soon. But you can read up on the tortilla chips here, and hope for a wider release in time for next Halloween.

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