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BKON Craft Brewer (Video)

by Joseph
BKON Craft Brewer (Image via Uncrate)

BKON Craft Brewer (Image via Uncrate)

There are lots of ways for beverage hobbyists to brew their own teas or coffees, but the BKON Craft Brewer seeks to provide the easiest and most technologically advanced method yet created. It’s called RAIN, which stands for Reverse Atmospheric INfusion, and it creates a vacuum that infuses the flavors of your choosing with the liquids of your choosing – the definition of craft brewing.

The BKON Craft Brewer is also unprecedentedly fast, taking only a minute to brew tea and a bit longer than that for infusing flavors with vodka. It’s futuristic design, in addition to looking cool as hell (especially in action), includes a touchscreen interface and access to hundreds of recipes over the internet.

For more on the BKON Craft Brewer, including the option of adding yourself to a mailing list for notifications on availability and pricing, check out the BKON website here. And you can see a video outlining the BKON Craft Brewer’s capabilities below.



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