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Bitplay Snap 6: Optimize Your iPhone 6’s Camera (Video)

by Joseph
Bitplay Snap 6

Bitplay Snap 6

For most people, the cameras built into the iPhone 6 (and countless smartphones before it) make it perfectly acceptable for everyday pointing and shooting. But if you’re looking for a little bit more from your phone’s camera, there’s the Bitplay Snap 6, an iPhone 6 case that equips the phone with several new features that focus on the camera.

Those features include an improved grip, shutter button, wrist strap, and several detachable lenses for any kind of photo or video you might want to take out in the world. It’s available in four metallic colors, and the Bitplay Snap 6 also performs the usual phone case duties, like protecting the iPhone 6 from shock and other damaging elements.

You can see a video about what the Bitplay Snap 6 can do below. And for more information, as well as to buy your own for $35 and up, head over to the Bitplay Snap 6 website here.

Here’s the video:

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