Home Entertainment Bitoy ‘Narcos’ Toys: A Desk-Sized Pablo Escobar (Video)

Bitoy ‘Narcos’ Toys: A Desk-Sized Pablo Escobar (Video)

by Joseph
Bitoy Narcos toys

Bitoy Narcos toys

If you’re a fan of the Netflix original series Narcos, it’s possible that you’ve found yourself at your desk reenacting your favorite scenes or imagining new ones, all staring infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar. But now, you’ll soon be able to stop subbing your pen or phone for Pablo, since a new line of Bitoy Narcos toys have been unveiled.

The central piece in the upcoming collection of Bitoy Narcos toys is, of course, a tiny figure of Escobar himself. But he’ll come with four different outfits, plus a little cell phone and gun. No toy cocaine, though, so you’ll have to bundle your own packs of baking soda or sugar for a fully immersive toy experience.

Unfortunately a release date has not been set for the Bitoy Narcos toys, but you can stay tuned to the project’s site here for more details. Or you can just take a look at the very brief promotional video for the toys below.

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