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BitLock: A Smartphone-Controlled Bike Lock

by Joseph


If you’re a regular bike rider but hate having to deal with keys or old-fashioned combination locks, you might be interested in the BitLock. It’s a bike lock that automatically locks and unlocks based on your (or, more accurately, your smartphone’s) proximity to the lock.

The BitLock also has some beneficial features, apart from just locking up ¬†your bike. For example, it can track several aspects of your bike ride, with data like calories burned and miles traveled available to the user, plus GPS tracking so you never have to worry about forgetting where you’re parked. ¬†There’s also a system for allowing certain people access to your bike for a BitLock-assisted bike sharing circle.

Like a lot of cool products, the BitLock is currently in its fundraising stage. To support it, head over to the BitLock Kickstarter page here. And check out a video of the BitLock and all of its features in action below.


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