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Bitcoin Machine: An ATM for Bitcoin

by Joseph
Bitcoin Machine

Bitcoin Machine

You might want to buckle up before you read what I’m about to tell you: There’s an ATM machine … but for Bitcoin. Most ATMs, as you are probably aware, are part of a mainstream banking network that’s based on national currency and other such boring concepts, but the Bitcoin Machine works in an inverse way – you feed in cash, and it deposits the appropriate amount of Bitcoin into your account.

The Bitcoin Machine accepts the currency of more than 200 countries across the globe, is verified by “network security experts,” has an internal steel vault for all that cash you’re going to be raking in once you put one out in front of your office, and supposedly takes just 15 seconds to convert cash to Bitcoin.

Whether or not you know anything about Bitcoin, or if it will last longer than a couple years, if you’re interested in cool new gadgets you should head over to Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures’ website here for more information on the Bitcoin Machine. Price: $6500, plus shipping.

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