Home Entertainment ‘Birth of the Dragon’: Bruce Lee Quasi-Biopic from WWE Films (Trailer)

‘Birth of the Dragon’: Bruce Lee Quasi-Biopic from WWE Films (Trailer)

by Joseph
Birth of the Dragon

Birth of the Dragon

There have been several attempts to do a biopic of martial arts icon Bruce Lee, but so far as I know none of them have ever really hit the mark – possibly because as a movie star it’s impossible for anyone other than Lee himself to convincingly portray him onscreen. But that hasn’t stopped WWE Films from taking a crack at it, with the upcoming movie Birth of the Dragon.

Birth of the Dragon covers a period early in Lee’s career, before he became an international superstar as Kato on The Green Hornet. He was teaching martial arts in San Francisco and slowly making a name for himself when disapproving Shaolin kung fu master Wong Jack Man enters the picture, and Bruce challenges him to a duel.

The trailer makes Birth of the Dragon seem like a blend of fiction and true events, but the fight between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man did actually happen (accounts differ on how it actually went down, though). Check out the trailer for the movie below, and keep an eye out for when it comes out later this summer:

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