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Biopod: “World’s First Smart Microhabitat”

by Joseph


If you’re looking for a way to grow plants and/or provide shelter and sustenance to small animals in your house in such a way that isn’t linked to marijuana cultivation, there is now a product in the works for you. It’s called Biopod, and it’s billed as the “world’s first smart microhabitat.”

Biopod can be used to grow herbs, tropical plants, or small habitats for snakes and fish, and all of its features are controlled with its connected smartphone app. Those features include lighting, filtration, and air management, as well as monitoring components like its built-in HD video camera for keeping an eye on things even when you’re out of the house.

Apparently the desire to grow plants in a small box is strong, since Biopod has absolutely obliterated its fundraising goal on Kickstarter here, where you can pre-order yours starting at $175 and up, with shipments expected to begin in December.


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