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BioLite PowerLight Mini: “On-the-Go Light and Power”

by Joseph
BioLite PowerLight Mini

BioLite PowerLight Mini

It’s hard not to think of two more important things than light and energy, especially when those particular items are scarce. So an item that provides both in a portable fashion could be pretty useful—an item like the BioLite PowerLight Mini, for example.

The BioLite PowerLight Mini is rechargeable via USB and fits extra battery power for your other devices into your pocket, as well as an LED panel that brings 135 lumens of illumination anywhere you might need it for more than two continuous days of usage on a single charge. It also comes with a clip that can turn the device into a makeshift headlamp or bike reflector, should you find yourself in need of one of those unexpectedly.

Check out the BioLite PowerLight Mini at the official BioLite site right here, where the device can be ordered for a surprisingly light $45. Given all the things it does, it’s good news that it doesn’t cost more.

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