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BioLite BaseLantern: An Off-the-Grid Smartgrid

by Joseph
BioLite BaseLantern

BioLite BaseLantern

The people at BioLite have developed a camp lantern that makes previous camp lanterns look like the bone that gets thrown in the air in 2001. It’s the BioLite BaseLantern, which can do so much more than just provide off-the-grid outdoor lighting that it almost seems like a misnomer to call it a lantern.

The BioLite BaseLantern is a 500-lumen flatpack lantern that packs unprecedented illumination into a compact, lightweight package. But it’s also the company’s first fully connected item, which syncs up with an array of mobile devices for a functional “smartgrid” that you can control as easily as you can check your texts. That means you can also use the BaseLantern to charge up any other devices that might need it, even if you have no additional sources of power.

A much more complete rundown of the BioLite BaseLantern’s capabilities (including its range of colors, smart timers and alarms, geolocation features, and more) can be found at the product’s Kickstarter page here, where pre-orders start at just under $100. If you’re planning to do any camping this summer, it might be a wise investment.

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