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“Billionaire’s Margarita” at NYC’s London Hotel Costs $1,200

by Joseph
Billionaire's Margarita

Billionaire's Margarita

At the London Hotel in New York City, the very rich (or the very financially irresponsible) have a new menu item to use to make everyone around them envious of their massive wealth (or, again, financial irresponsibility): The Billionaire’s Margarita, priced at a healthy $1,200 a pop.

What’s in a Billionaire’s Margarita? The main ingredient is the extremely limited Patron en Lalique Serie 1, which itself costs $7,500 a bottle. Also in the mix is a half-ounce of $350-a-shot Louis XIII Cognac, plus a few exotic fruits including Meyer lemon, Key limes, and organic blue agave. And in case you’re worried that the trend has already exhausted itself, the London Hotel hasn’t sold a single one, according to a recent report.

That same report, which can be read here, also says that the London Hotel hopes to sell “six or seven” glasses of the Billionaire’s Margarita before supplies run out. So start saving up — I hear MegaBus trips to New York are pretty affordable.

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