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Big Mac Special Sauce Nationwide Giveaway From McDonald’s

by Joseph
Big Mac Special Sauce

Big Mac Special Sauce

Some may slander it by calling it thousand island dressing, but Big Mac devotees know the truth: There’s nothing quite like Big Mac Special Sauce. For 10,000 of those loyal few, Mickey D’s is now offering an opportunity to get your hands on a bottle of your own, starting tomorrow:


Where these 10,000 bottles might be located and how they might be distributed remains to be seen, but it seems clear that they will remain a promotional item and probably won’t be found on any grocery store shelves any time soon. So you will have to wait one more day to find out if a bottle of Big Mac Special Sauce could be yours, to do with whatever you choose—go buy a Whopper from Burger King and put some of it on that, if you’re feeling particularly bold.

In the meantime, you can stay tuned to the official McDonald’s Twitter account here to get more information on the giveaway as it arrives.

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