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Big Mac ATM From McDonald’s

by Joseph
Big Mac ATM via Free Thought Project

Big Mac ATM via Free Thought Project

The people at McDonald’s marketing department must be really, really excited about those two new Big Mac sizes. First they orchestrated a wild giveaway of 10,000 bottles of special sauce, and then today a McDonald’s in Boston was treated to an extremely limited engagement from an evidently real and operational Big Mac ATM.

The Big Mac ATM doesn’t require any exchange of funds before dispensing a (hopefully) piping hot Big Mac. Instead, users had to simply enter their Twitter handles via the machine’s touchscreen interface. In exchange for a promotional tweet, the user gets a Big Mac, which may or may not be a good deal compared to the sandwich’s usual menu price.

It appears that the Big Mac ATM has already ceased operations at its inaugural McDonald’s location, but you can read more about the promotion at the Boston Globe site right here. And keep your eyes and ears open to find out where this magical machine might turn up next.

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