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“Big Boys”: Chuck Berry’s First Ever Official Music Video

by Joseph
Chuck Berry Big Boys

Chuck Berry Big Boys

Believe it or not, rock and roll godfather Chuck Berry never made an official music video for any of his songs over the course of his 60-year career. Virtually all of his most important work predates the music video era (and, indeed, the video in general), and he never got around to making one once MTV was populated by artists that were directly or indirectly ripping off his sound. But Berry has a new album coming out posthumously next month, and “Big Boys,” the lead single off the record, has a new video from Matt Bizer and Curtis Wayne Millard.

The video for “Big Boys” isn’t exactly an aesthetic stretch from what most people imagine when they think about Berry’s music – it’s set at a 1950s sock hop, with a few anachronistic elements (like racial diversity and hip hop dance moves) to keep things interesting. Here are the video’s directors on what their goals were with the video, according to NPR Music:

“Chuck Berry tunes are a good time and they tell stories that everyone can relate with, so we wanted to stay true to that. When we where shooting the video, Chuck Berry was still with us and during post-production we found out he had passed on. We did not know how to really process it all. In a way, I think we are still processing the entire experience.”

If you’re ready to party with the big girls and boys, you can watch the video for “Big Boys” below.

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