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Biersafe: An Underground Safe for Your Beer

by Joseph


Imagine if you will, an underground safe where your most precious valuables can be stored in a reasonable facsimile of absolute security. Now imagine that your most precious valuables were just a bunch of bottles of beer, and you have imagined the Biersafe, a safe designed to store up to 16 bottles of beer underground.

Biersafe fits snugly into any sufficiently wide and deep hole in the ground, its frothy contents kept in place by a metal internal rack held secure by its plastic outer shell, complete with a camouflaged lid as seen in the photo above. The rack has a bottle opener on top so you can enjoy beer fresh from the ground, like our forefathers always intended – although I’m not sure what the temperature situation would be in that scenario.

You can learn more about Biersafe at Amazon’s German arm right here, where it’s priced at about $130 in American dollars.

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