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biēm Butter Sprayer: Turn Butter Into a Delicious Spray

by Joseph
biēm Butter Sprayer

biēm Butter Sprayer

Liquid butter is great on popcorn at the movies, but there isn’t often a good way to use it practically in the home (to be honest, that may not be the worst thing in the world, at least from a nutritional standpoint). But now you can, with the unfortunately-pronounced biēm Butter Sprayer invented by Doug Foreman.

The biēm Butter Sprayer uses heat, air, and its own innovative design to make butter into a liquid spray that’s much easier to apply to almost anything, from toast and popcorn all the way down to the weirder stuff not generally associated with butter. Will you eventually begin spraying hot liquid butter directly into your own mouth, like some kind of inverse breath-freshener? That is for you to decide.

For now, you can check out the biēm Butter Sprayer at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here, as well as place your pre-order now to the tune of $99 and up.


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