Home Entertainment ‘Bible of Love’: Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Album Now Streaming (Audio)

‘Bible of Love’: Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Album Now Streaming (Audio)

by Joseph
Bible of Love

Bible of Love

Snoop Dogg is known mostly for hanging out with Martha Stewart and smoking weed these days, but once upon a time it would have seemed inconceivable that he would do something as audaciously incongruous as release a gospel record. But even though those days are over, it still feel a little bit odd that Snoop Dogg Presents Bible of Love is now an actual thing you can listen to.

Bible of Love at least earns the first part of its title through sheer length alone. It’s a double album sporting 32 tracks and a total run time of two hours and 12 minutes, more than enough to get you through Sunday morning and into Sunday afternoon should you so choose.

Or you can listen to Snoop Dogg Presents Bible of Love right now on streaming platforms like Spotify, which has the entire album. If you’re feeling praise-y, give it a shot below.

Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord:

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