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New “Beyoncé as Mrs. Carter in H&M” Ad (Video)

by Joseph
Beyonce H&M Ad

Beyonce H&M Ad

H&M and Beyoncé‘s new ad campaign, “Beyoncé as Mrs. Carter in H&M,” has unveiled its latest video component, and it shows the singer in top form. Not only does she appear modeling various H&M summer 2013 styles, but she also sings (and dances to) a new original song.

Like the previous “Beyoncé as Mrs. Carter in H&M” photos, this commercial takes place on a tropical island, with plenty of sun and sand. It’s appropriate, considering the focus of the campaign is on H&M’s summer swimwear.

You can watch the video for yourself below, and maybe head to the nearest H&M location if you need to do some shopping for your wife or girlfriend.  Just don’t expect them to look as good in the swimwear as Beyoncé.

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