Home Entertainment ‘Bey-Z’: Beyoncé / Jay Z Mashup Album from amorphous (Video)

‘Bey-Z’: Beyoncé / Jay Z Mashup Album from amorphous (Video)

by Joseph


An Orlando, FL artist who goes by the handle amorphous has created a mashup album combining two artists who are, as it happens, already married. I’ll give you one guess as to which artists they might be after I give you the name of the album: Bey-Z.

The usual formula for mashups is to combine music with vocals, but since both Beyoncé and husband Jay Z are known as primarily vocal performers, Bey-Z might have a unique flavor in the field, owing to the countless producers and musicians who (in addition to the artists themselves) are responsible for Jay and Beyoncé’s sounds over the years.

I say “might” because, alas, I haven’t gotten to listen to Bey-Z in full yet. But I did check out the teaser video below, and it will be easy enough for me to hear the entire album, since I can name my own price at amorphous’ Bandcamp listing for it right here.

Here’s the teaser:


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