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Bernie Weisse: Beer Inspired by Bernie Sanders

by Joseph
Bernie Weisse

Bernie Weisse

Bernie Sanders is a surprisingly popular dude these days, given his self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” leanings and his cranky, abrasive persona. Which is why it’s only appropriate that a beer has now been named after him, and that it’s billed as being “slightly sour and forward-thinking,” just like our boy Bernie. It’s Bernie Weisse from the Zero Gravity Craft Brewery in Bernie’s home state of Vermont.

Bernie Weisse is a crisp and tart Berliner Weisse, but with a light enough ABV (3.2%, to be precise, which Sanders himself obviously values) to keep your head straight as you ponder economic equality and financial regulation even after a few cans.

You’ll more than likely have to be in Zero Gravity’s Vermont territory to buy any Bernie Weisse in a store, but you can get some more information on the brew at Zero Gravity’s official site right here no matter where you are or what social background you come from – just like Bernie would want.

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