Home Entertainment ‘Beowulf’: Esquire Network Original Series Trailer (Video)

‘Beowulf’: Esquire Network Original Series Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


As quite possibly the oldest surviving story written in English, Beowulf is an important piece of the history of storytelling, and an exciting tale of adventure and heroism to boot. More importantly than that, it was written long before the era of copyrights and intellectual property, which means anyone can use its characters and story for a new work without any financial complications – which is probably why the Esquire Network chose it as the source material for its next original series, a trailer for which recently strode its way onto the internet.

If the trailer for Beowulf is to be believed, the producers of this TV version have introduced a little murder mystery component to the story, probably to make sure people don’t get bored and skip to the big fight with the dragon at the end. In any case, if you’ve got 60 seconds to spare and are in the mood for some Old English Diet Game of Thrones, you can watch the trailer for Beowulf below.

Here’s the trailer:


Beowulf comes to the Esquire Network on January 23rd, 2016.


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