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Bento Watch: A Tiny Meal Inside a Timepiece (Video)

by Joseph
Bento Watch

Bento Watch

Before today I thought the last word on edible watches was the “Rollicks” gummy watch, and that thing didn’t even tell time more than twice a day. But the people at Takii Seeds have knocked the Rollicks so far down in the dirt you’ll never be able to get it clean again, with a project called the Bento Watch.

The Bento Watch packs a tiny yet complete Japanese bento meal underneath its face, complete with pop-out chopsticks to eat it with. The bad news is that it’s more of a publicity stunt than an actual product, and it will remain a one-of-a-kind piece for the indefinite future — the fact that the food inside was cooked by a master chef, cut into small pieces by a plastic surgeon, and everything put together by an expert diorama maker explains why.

You can watch the Bento Watch in action below. And for more, read up on the watch/lunchbox at Kotaku right here.

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