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Bentley Releases SUV Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
Bentley SUV

Bentley SUV

Automaker Bentley had been teasing the public with hints of their first entry into the world of SUVs earlier this year, and now we have more concrete proof that such a thing is actually happening.

Full details are a long way off, as the Bentley SUV (we don’t even have a name for it apart from that) won’t hit production until 2016, but Bentley has released a short teaser for the SUV that will probably get fans of the brand panting with anticipation. It’s called “See Through New Eyes,” and it shows the Bentley SUV in the form of abstract close-ups and beams of light, which matches with the project’s tagline: “We don’t see lines. We see light.”

The Bentley SUV “See Through New Eyes” trailer can be seen below, provided you’re able to see YouTube videos and not just light. Wait a second, doesn’t everyone see light? I’m confused.

Here’s the video:


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