Home Entertainment ‘Benny’s Spaceship Adventure’ is a LEGO Pinball Machine (Video)

‘Benny’s Spaceship Adventure’ is a LEGO Pinball Machine (Video)

by Joseph
Benny's Spaceship Adventure

Benny's Spaceship Adventure

LEGO wizard Bre Burns has done something I might not have even thought possible: Created a fully functional pinball machine entirely out of LEGO building bricks. It’s called Benny’s Spaceship Adventure, and the only parts of it that aren’t LEGO are the ball itself and the coins you feed into the slot (yes, it accepts coins).

Bre Burns’ Benny’s Spaceship Adventure was originally conceived and built for the BrickCon LEGO fan convention in October of last year, and she says it’s the result of between 200 and 300 hours of work on the project. And honestly, I don’t possess the know-how required to describe such a wondrous device, so you should probably just watch it in action below:

If the video about the LEGO pinball machine isn’t quite enough for you, you can also read about all those hours and all those 15,000 bricks that went into making Benny’s Spaceship Adventure right here.

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