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Ben Stiller’s Teenage Punk Band Getting Album Reissue (Audio)

by Joseph
Ben Stiller Teenage Punk

Ben Stiller Teenage Punk

We all know Ben Stiller now as the creator of movies like Zoolander and Tropic Thunder, and as a sketch comedy pioneer with The Ben Stiller Show. But before all that, Stiller was just a teenage drummer in a punk band named (wait for it) Capital Punishment. This music has languished in obscurity since it was recorded back in 1982, but now the band’s first and only record Roadkill is getting a reissue thanks to rarities label Captured Tracks.

Ben Stiller talked about the Capital Punishment Roadkill reissue during a recent interview with Howard Stern, here he is:

“What happened was some outsider music label, which I didn’t know those existed, but people who are just into weird music; I guess it’s been found and they asked us if they could re-release it.”

The future A-list talent in the band (which in addition to Stiller also had members that would go on to serve on the Arizona Supreme Court, among other things) makes it worthy of interest, but I just listened to one of the tracks, “Confusion,” and it’s actually pretty cool. You can listen to it in the YouTube video below, and for more on the reissue head over to the Captured Tracks site right here.

Here’s the song:

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