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Ben & Jerry’s CHILL-aco Introduced for 4/20

by Joseph
Ben & Jerry's CHILL-aco

Ben & Jerry's CHILL-aco

Of all the brands expected to do it up big for 4/20, Ben & Jerry’s has to be towards the top of the list. This year, the brand rolled out the Ben & Jerry’s CHILL-aco at its Scoop Shops locations, and according to B&J they’re only available for a limited time.

The Ben & Jerry’s CHILL-aco—and hopefully I’m not wading into any dangerous legal territory in pointing this out—is somewhat similar to the popular Choco Taco from Klondike. But Ben & Jerry’s twist on this idea has at least one ace up its sleeve, namely in the scoops of your choice of B&J ice cream flavors that go inside its two taco shell-shaped waffle cones, one soft and one crunchy.

The whole enchilada is topped off with caramel and fudge, and if you’re lucky you can still get a Ben & Jerry’s CHILL-aco at your local B&J Scoop Shop. For more info just head over to the product’s official site here.

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