Home Style Ben Baller Designs $35,000 Chain For Trinidad James (Video)

Ben Baller Designs $35,000 Chain For Trinidad James (Video)

by Joseph
Ben Baller

Ben Baller

Superstar jeweler Ben Baller was recently commissioned by Trinidad James—to the tune of $35,000—to make a Nefertiti chain and pendant from 150 grams of 14K gold and a couple of different varieties of diamonds.

But the assignment came with an unusual caveat: Baller had to finish the chain in no more than 10 days. I don’t know how long it usually takes to complete a project like this, but I’m guessing it’s a little longer than that.

You can watch the whole thing for yourself in the video below, as it is the latest installment of LOUD and Ben Baller’s web series chronicling his unusual career.  Check it out:

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