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Belt Cable for Tangle-Free Storage

by Joseph
Belt Cable

Belt Cable

Charging cables have a way of always getting tangled up, either in its own cord or in stuff like headphones (or other charging cables). There are a lot of possible solutions out there, but one of the simplest is that which is offered by the Belt Cable.

The Belt Cable is an Apple Lighting charging cable that’s four feet of braided cable, made to stand out visually against the traditional plain white cables favored by Apple. But its real killer app, and its namesake, is the integrated leather belt that keeps everything folded and in place, preventing unwanted tangles.

You can acquire the Belt Cable at the Cool Material Shop right here, where it goes for just under $25. Hopefully a non-Apple equivalent is in the works, but even if it isn’t, the product serves as a crucial reminder of that old adage: When in doubt, put a belt on it.


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