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Bellroy Coin Fold: A Wallet With Space for Coins

by Joseph
Bellroy Coin Fold

Bellroy Coin Fold

Coins are great for helping to make tough 50/50 decisions or for yourself to feel smarter than a cashier by counting out exact change, but where can you keep them? In your wallet, if that wallet happens to be the new Bellroy Coin Fold.

The Bellroy Coin Fold is Bellroy’s newly introduced three-panel leather wallet, with the outward appearances of a traditional, albeit a particularly sleek and stylish, leather wallet. But it contains a specially designed coin pouch in which all your loose change can lay flat and secure behind a ridge for quick release when desired – but only when desired, which is the crucial point.

You can check out the Bellroy Coin Fold as well as other products from Bellroy’s online store here, where the Coin Fold is now priced at just under $100.  But hey, you can afford it. Just think of all the coins you’ll be picking up and saving instead of discarding.

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