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Belcampo Beef Blunts: Sometimes a Cigar is Just Meat

by Joseph
Belcampo Beef Blunts

Belcampo Beef Blunts

Imagine that you’re a hardcore carnivore who abhors smoking and who’s celebrating the birth of your first child. What can you pass out in lieu of the traditional cigars? There may not seem to be a clear answer, at least not until you discover the existence of Belcampo Beef Blunts.

Belcampo Beef Blunts aren’t just for proud meat-eating fathers, though. The meat used to make them is sourced from the Belcampo Butcher Shop, a California brand that specializes in organic and tasty beef, so it’s a safe bet that these are head and shoulders above the usual dried beef sticks you might be used to.

Unfortunately, Belcampo Beef Blunts don’t appear to be available from Belcampo’s online store just yet, but you can read about the product offered at one of Belcampo’s retail locations here, and stay tuned to the Belcampo site here for more information about when you can order your own.

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