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“Bel-Air” Air Jordan 5

by Joseph
Bel-Air Air Jordan 5
Bel-Air Air Jordan 5Bel-Air Air Jordan 5Bel-Air Air Jordan 5

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of the definitive hallmarks of 90s TV (and, let’s just face it, life in general). For proof, just check out this upcoming Air Jordan 5 colorway, which was inspired by the show.

The “Bel-Air” Air Jordan 5 has a multicolored print lining and a green, purple and pink color scheme that will remind most people of Will Smith’s distinctive fashion sense on the show. Maybe if this shoe is a huge hit, they’ll do a black-and-white version inspired by Geoffrey.

Not much is known about the “Bel-Air” Jordan 5 in the way of release details, save for a few preview photos you can take a look at above. But an official announcement from Jordan Brand should be on the way very soon.

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