Home Entertainment ‘Behind the Sightings’: Clown Craze Horror Movie Coming Soon (Trailer)

‘Behind the Sightings’: Clown Craze Horror Movie Coming Soon (Trailer)

by Joseph
Behind the Sightings

Behind the Sightings

Remember late last year, when all those creepy clowns were being sighted across the United States? Most of them ended up getting jobs in the Trump administration, but now there’s a found-footage horror movie coming out that was inspired by the craze. It’s called Behind the Sightings, a new trailer for which is now online.

If there are two things that have done to death within the horror genre, it’s clowns and fake documentaries. But as far as I know, Behind the Sightings is the first time these two concepts have combined to form the central hook of a horror movie, which if it’s a success will probably inspire a whole new crop of creepy guys to dress like clowns in the woods for some reason.

Take a look at the trailer for Behind the Sightings below. The trailer lists the movie as “coming soon,” so it looks like a release date is still to come.

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