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Beertop Delta: A Bottle Opener and Spinning Top

by Joseph
Beertop Delta

Beertop Delta

Most of the time if you see a gadget with a bottle opener attached, it’s aiming to combine two practical tools into one handy implement. But as the makers of the Beertop Delta themselves put it, “what’s life without whimsy?” It’s a question to which “a life without a bottle opener/spinning top” is a possible answer.

The Beertop Delta is a bottle opener that, yes, doubles as a titanium spinning top—just lay it flat on your desk, tabletop, or floor, and give it a (literal) spin. A top doesn’t have any practical uses like a wrench or keychain, but just have some fun with it, OK?

The world has evidently been clamoring for just such a combination of practicality and leisure, as the Beertop Delta has already tripled its fundraising goal on Kickstarter here. There you can get some more info on how the Delta came to be, and you have another 18 days to pre-order yours starting at $45 and up.

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