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Beer Hot Tub Developed by Starkenberger Brewery (Video)

by Joseph
Beer Hot Tub

Beer Hot Tub

When I was a kid I used to imagine living in a Scrooge McDuck mansion with a swimming pool filled with gold coins, but with some additional pools also filled with stuff like snow, sand, plastic balls (like at McDonald’s), etc. What I didn’t imagine was a pool full of beer, but the people at Starkenberger Brewery have outperformed my childhood imagination several times over with their recently unveiled beer hot tub.

Starkenberger Brewery, located in Austria, figured out that they could turn one of their old fermenting vats into a literal beer hot tub, filled with warm, bitter beer. The brewery says you can drink it if you like your beer warm and bitter, but I would add a third descriptor: Infused with body hair and dead skin cells.

You might want to just stick with the video on this one. You can see the Starkenberg Brewery’s beer hot tub below. And for more on Starkenberger Brewery, head over to its official site here.

Here’s the video:

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