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‘BEER by Charles Bukowski’ Animation From NERDO (Video)

by Joseph
BEER by Charles Bukowski

BEER by Charles Bukowski

Italian visual studio NERDO is paying tribute to the infamous Charles Bukowski with a new promotional video that provides animated visuals to one of his poems. The video is called BEER by Charles Bukowski, so I assume that I don’t have to tell you what the name (or the subject) of the poem in question is.

BEER by Charles Bukowski, read out loud and accompanied by quasi-psychedelic animation, comes to a little over two minutes. It’s in part an ode to the wild life, at least on the surface, so it’s clear what kind of audience NERDO is hoping to attract with this project, which also has built-in appeal for diehard Bukowski fans.

I’m no poetry critic so I’ll just direct you to BEER by Charles Bukowski below. And for more cool stuff from the NERDO Design Collective, check out their official account on Vimeo right here.

Here’s the video:

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