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Beer 101: 15 Beer Styles Every Man Should Know

by Esteban

Beer has been the official beverage of men everywhere since the industrial revolution—which is to say, for almost 200 years or so now. So the fact that you know so little about it is kind of embarrassing. Luckily, that is about the change. The list you’re about to read will ensure that, the next time you walk into one of those fancy beer bars popping up all over the place—you know, the ones with exposed brick walls that have 20+ craft brews on tap—you won’t be confused. Instead, you’ll be able to navigate that ten-foot tall chalkboard beer menu with confidence.

So sit down, open a cold one, and get ready for Beer Styles 101. It’s a primer on the varieties of suds you’re likely to encounter at your local beer geek haven.

The order? We’ll be moving from the most common to least common. So let’s get started.

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