Home Tech & Gear BedUp: A Bed That Lowers From the Ceiling (Photos)

BedUp: A Bed That Lowers From the Ceiling (Photos)

by Joseph

In a modern home, space is often at a premium, and your bed can take up a lot of that valuable space. Short of a fold-up or Nate-Heller-style Murphy bed, there’s not much you can do about that – unless you get on board with BedUp from French company Décadrages.

BedUp is a system that allows your bed to be stored in the ceiling, where it won’t take up space until it’s needed. When that time comes, you just press a button and the bed comes down. Not only can it save space if you use it strategically, but it might be pretty impressive to any prospective bed partners who might come your way.

You can get a better idea of how BedUp works by checking out the photos in the gallery below. And for more information on the product, as well as its three different available designs, just take a look at the official site here.

Here’s the gallery:


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