Home Tech & Gear Beartooth: Stay Connected Even When WiFi and Cell Networks Fail (Video)

Beartooth: Stay Connected Even When WiFi and Cell Networks Fail (Video)

by Joseph


Communications companies like to put forth the idea that no matter where you go, you can get cell phone service. Anyone who’s actually traveled far enough outside the city limits knows this to be false, though. And those of us who make those kinds of treks regularly (or maybe even live in those uncrowded rural areas) will probably be interested in Beartooth, a gadget that attaches to your phone and keeps it online even in the middle of nowhere.

Beartooth works through a system of software defined radio developed in-house, and it also boosts battery life while your phone is connected to it. And in addition to keeping you connected out in the sticks, it can also help you when you’re in a crowded area with everyone around you soaking up bandwidth. Beartooth also adds a few special features to whatever phone it’s connected to, including message encryption, delivery confirmation, and an SOS broadcast to any receiving device within its range.

To get your Beartooth, head over to the product’s website here, where $250 pre-orders are being taken now. And below you can see a video all about Beartooth and what it can do:

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