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Beard Comb “Grably” No. 15: Made From Discarded Records

by Joseph
Grably Beard Comb

Once you come to a point in your life where you need to buy a beard comb, it’s possible that you will put an even higher premium on novelty value than you did when your beard was just in its infant stages. If so, the Upstairs Shop’s beard combĀ “Grably” no. 15 will almost certainly appeal to you, as it is made from “old vinyl records.”

Why? I don’t know, but I do know that the beard combĀ “Grably” no. 15 is designed for beards that are longer, thicker, and/or curlier than the usual beard, with long and thick teeth that have an above-average amount of space in between them. As for the old vinyl records that are in the comb’s DNA, I guess the main reason is because it’s cool. They don’t say what records are used to make the combs, though.

To take a look at the number 15 beard comb “Grably” by Upstairs Shop, give the gallery underneath this paragraph a spin. Then, for more information as well as to buy, head over to the Upstairs Shop online store here.

Grably Beard CombGrably Beard CombGrably Beard CombGrably Beard Comb

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