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Be.: “The First Battery-Free, Powered Toothbrush”

by Joseph


Electric toothbrushes are great for your oral health, not just the teeth but the gums as well. But let’s be honest, there are some downsides to the electric toothbrush life. First and foremost is the fact that you have to keep them charged up, either with fresh batteries or hooked up to the wall. That’s not so with Be., a new pretentiously titled electric toothbrush that’s billed as “the first battery-free, powered toothbrush.”

Huh? What? Here’s the deal: The B in Be. stands for Beyond, with the E standing in for Electric. So while Be. provides users with 80,000 brush strokes within each brushing session, it does so without electricity. I’ll leave explanations to the eggheads, but all you have to do is give the handle a couple twists and hit the button, and you’re good to go – no electricity required.

Read up on Be. at the power toothbrush’s Kickstarter listing right here, where you can pre-order one starting at $49 and up.

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