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‘Be Kind Online’: A Motivational Poster for Social Media

by Joseph
Be Kind Online

Be Kind Online

If you spend any time on the internet, you know it can be a harsh world of insults and dogpiles. Michael Buchino and BT Livermore are two designers who looked to the 1930s WPA era for inspiration for a poster that serves as an important reminder for us all in the digital age: Be Kind Online. 

“Do you text your mother with those fingers?” That’s the question that emblazons the Be Kind Online poster across the top – and hey, if there are any trolls out there reading this, it’s a valid question. And the central image, of a skull-bearing smartphone being impaled by an angry finger, is striking enough to hang on your wall even if you don’t have a hard time tweeting with strangers.

Check out the Be Kind Online poster at the Buchino Etsy shop right here, where each limited edition copy (only 60 are getting made) is priced at $24 on the dot.

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