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BBQ Bath: High-Speed Marination

by Joseph
BBQ Bath Brine Concentrate

BBQ Bath Brine Concentrate

There’s a process in the art of barbecue that is known as “brining.”  It’s essentially a faster (and some would say, better) alternative to marinating your meats, and the people who make BBQ Bath Brine Concentrate are hoping you’ll give it a shot.

It only takes (at most) an hour in a BBQ Bath for the brining process to work, and in that time it’s supposed to tenderize and moisturize the meat from the outside all the way to the core, as well as adding flavor.

There are three different varieties of BBQ Bath, They are, in no particular order, Apple Chipotle, Smoked Habanero, and Pineapple Habanero Jerk.

If you’d like to give brining a try at your next barbecue, you can buy BBQ Bath Brine Concentrate at the Sweetwater Spice Company’s online store here for the price of just under $9 a bottle. As for whether it replaces your more traditional marinades, that’s up to you, but it might be nice to have in case you’re ever rushed for time.

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